Our Latest Plant Profiles: Okra, Marigold, Carrot, and more!

You’re in luck, budding gardener! We’re still expanding our Phytotheca Plant Library, and adding new plant profiles for you to reference and learn from. Here are the new ones that we just published today.

Almond Price

Price Sweet Almond

Price Sweet Almond tastes just like the Nonpareil type you buy most frequently at the grocery store. Read more…



marigold gypsy sunshine

Gypsy Sunshine French Marigold

Delightfully yellow Gypsy Sunshine French Marigold is proven to repel pesky nematodes in the soil which could otherwise decimate your crops in the coming years. Read more…



Kale Red Winter

Red Winter Kale

Red Winter Kale is tender and mild when young, but will survive chilly winters and still provide excellent nutrition and taste as it grows. Read more…





Okra Star of David

Star of David Okra

Star of David Okra pods get really wide and plump compared to other types! Read more…






Okra Jambalaya

Jambalaya F1 Okra

The hybrid Jambalaya F1 Okra has all the best qualities of other okras, plus a short growing season that lets you harvest a crop even in the northern latitudes. Read more…



carrot st valery

St. Valery Carrot

Yummy St. Valery Carrots are big and sweet, and store well in a root cellar or kept in the ground. Read more…





[icon name=”book” class=””] Be sure to keep checking back in for more new plants.




Clark Skocilich

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